Thursday, 20 September 2012

WALL of SOUND ~ Gold Record

WALL of SOUND - Gold Record | by Marika Järv

Across the world, the music industry awards certification based on the number of albums and singles sold - the most recognised being gold or platinum records. The amount of units needing to be sold differs from country to country based on population. In Australia, the ARIA awards a Gold Record to those albums which have shipped 35,000 copies, whereas in the UK this figure is 100,000 and in the US it's 500,000.

The WALL of SOUND - Gold Record, as a dear friend of mine recently described it, is quite simply...... GOLD! (Actually he used another adjective in front of gold - but that's not for repeating  here *snicker*). Debossed and foil stamped with a light reflecting, metallic foil, when the sunlight catches this deluxe print it glistens and gleams and makes you feel warm and fuzzy all over.

Oh, and it was also recently shortlisted* in the 2012 Create Design Awards for the Print Creative category - and yes I am just a little bit chuffed!


*(UPDATE: It actually won a HIGHLY COMMENDED!!!)