Thursday, 20 September 2012

Justus Magazine


And on me too, Justus. I've had a few magazine crushes over the years, but none have struck me as hard as Justus. Though to be fair, even though it's called a magazine, it probably shouldn't be. 
It is so much more. 

Justus is a celebration of the print design industry; featuring a range of printing techniques, a variety of specialty paper stocks, and is filled with an array of delightful fonts, the latest inks and sumptuous embellishments. Whilst devoted to honouring and protecting the art and craftsmanship of age-old printing techniques, Justus is also about building a platform for the design community to share knowledge, ideas, and showcase their talent and innovation.

Each issue specialises on a particular technique; with Issue 1 titled "The Ode To Foiling" (helloooo - WALL of SOUND!), the second and current issue is themed "To Letterpress With Love". Founded by art director Lindsay Smith, and saturated with enchanting words, tactile pages and inspiring work from other design professionals, you can really feel the love and passion with which these publications are created, not to mention the sense of community they have managed to establish.

Justus is only available via subscription (which you can apply for on their website). If you are in the design/paper/print industry and haven't yet come across Justus, then I thoroughly recommend that you get your hands on a hot little copy—you won't be disappointed.

And if you look really, really closely at the last of the images I've shown - you might just see my 
All Stops To Prahran screen-print in the background of The Arcade Print Club feature.... 
what a nice surprise!